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Actuarial Consulting Services

With an unmatched loyalty to our clients that sets us apart from our competitors, we provide actuarial consulting services exclusively to Third Party Administrators


Our deep understanding of Third Party Administrator programs enables us to deliver customized solutions that precisely fulfill the unique needs of each plan sponsor. Trust us to exceed your expectations with accurate and tailored programs, tailored just for you.


Our unparalleled expertise in crafting innovative and tailor-made solutions empowers TPAs to effortlessly meet and exceed the diverse needs of their clients’ Defined Benefit, Cash Balance, and Combination Plans.

Customer Service

Experience our unparalleled commitment to our clients, setting us apart from the competition. Our exceptional customer service guarantees maximum results for your business and your clients. Discover the difference we can make today.


Why Mary Ann Rocco?

With over 40 years of pension industry experience and over 35 years of success in servicing TPA firms, Mary Ann has perfectly tailored her services for those TPAs that service small businesses. With many of the TPA clients she services, she is the only Actuary on staff. All of her focus is on their client’s plans. She can deliver creative solutions and plan strategies that are specific and meet the goals of each individual plan sponsor’s goals. We invite you to visit her Services link and learn how her actuarial services provide the solutions you demand.

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About Mary Ann

Mary Ann Rocco began her career in the pension industry in 1981 with a well known third party pension administration company. After working several years in plan document installations third party administration, she took a position with an actuarial consulting firm. In 1987, with an entrepreneurial spirit, a keen understanding of TPA firms…

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