Mary Ann Rocco, EA
Actuarial Consulting Services
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  • Annual Actuarial Valuations and Benefit Statements
  • Schedule SB certification.
             (We do not certify actuarial valuations run out of our office.)
  • Annual AFTAP Certification
  • Combined Plan Testing
  • Profit Sharing Cross Testing
  • Cash Balance Plans
  • PBGC Comprehensive Premium Filing
            (For an additional fee we can complete the electronic filing)
  • PBGC Annual Funding Notice
  • Plan Document Consulting
             We do not sponsor plan documents. If your firm does not sponsor a Defined
  Benefit Plan document we can assist you in securing one for your clients including
             cash balance documents
  • Benefit Calculations with distribution form information
             (For additional fees we can provide completed distribution forms)
  • Plan Terminations
  Our involvement with plan terminates can range from benefit calculations all the
             way to complete IRS and/or PBGC submissions from our office.